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SOLYVIA Sea Sponge


 Solyvia Natural Sea Sponges are very rare, 100% collagen and the most premium grade of this wonderful species.  The extraordinary benefits of using our natural sea sponges from Corsica, France are the most natural, luxurious, hygienic, and healthy way to cleanse the skin.  

Natural sea sponges are hypoallergenic and toxin-free, which possess enzymes to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.  They are highly absorbent- removing dirt and impurities, exceptionally soft, create a luxurious lather, and do not retain odors.  Superior in quality, highly durable which last longer than synthetic sponges and are the ideal choice for sensitive of skin.  Sea sponges are completely eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. 

Sea sponges are of natural form and come in variety of shapes and sizes, no two sponges are the same.

Practical packaging in light silver Organza bags with a drawstring which can easily hang where ever you need it. 

Additional uses: Pet bathing, premium car washing and detailing, shoe shinning, home décor, dish washing and household cleaning.


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